Free up your time and be confident in your bottom line.

Let Mrs. Bookkeeper handle your bookkeeping so you can know your profitability and grow your business.

To grow your business, you have to know your cash flow

But a lot of business owners don’t know the answers to questions like “Where did my money go?” and “Where is it coming from?” or even “How much did I earn last month?”

It’s enough to make a business owner feel confused and overwhelmed. What’s worse, a lot of businesses don’t know they have cash flow problems until it’s too late.

Mrs. Bookkeeper provides peace of mind and professional guidance for your books

No one likes to feel out of control or in the unknown. Mrs. Bookkeeper takes care of your books so you know where your money is coming from—and where it is going.

Your Path to Financial Certainty

Book a free consultation

Start by booking a free consultation so I can understand your situation and see how I can help.

Receive a tailored plan

Based on our conversation, I prepare a tailored plan for your business needs.

Get balanced books!

When we agree to move forward, I will set up your bookkeeping system, balance your books, and work with you to ensure your business is profitable!

Why Mrs. Bookkeeper?

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For a business to be successful, it needs to be making money. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t really know how their businesses are doing financially.

If you don’t have accounting software or don’t know how to use it, your income may be improperly stated. This is also true if you have a lot of transactions each month. Either way, you could be missing out on profits.

Some businesses let their CPAs balance their books at tax time. The problem is that CPAs charge much more than a bookkeeper would, they don’t provide cleaned-up books, and you still don’t know how profitable your company is during the year.

As Mrs. Bookkeeper, my job is to monitor all your business’s transactions and provide easy-to-understand financial reports. When you hire me as your trusted advisor, you can rest assured that you know how your cash flows. And you can spend more time working on your business—which, after all, is what you went into business to do.

Mrs. Bookkeeper Gusto People Advisor Certified
Mrs. Bookkeeper QuickBooks ProAdvisor Gold
Mrs. Bookkeeper Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor Online
Mrs. Bookkeeper FreshBooks Accounting Partner
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Packages to cover all needs

Clean Up and Set Up

Bring everything up to date, one time
  • Review current bookkeeping (if in place)
  • Catch up on prior months of records
  • Establish a bookkeeping system that works for you

Monthly Bookkeeping

Keep your books balanced month to month
  • Income and expense recording
  • Categorize transactions
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Monthly balance sheet
  • Monthly income statement
  • Monthly cash flow statement
  • Monthly bookkeeping review (phone/video)

Add-On Services

Additional services based on your needs
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll management
  • Custom reports

I offer affordable rates on services. When we meet, we will determine the most affordable and suitable option for you.

No contracts or commitments

When you work with Mrs. Bookkeeper, you’re billed month-to-month. You can cancel at any time you like, and all your data will remain yours.

Mrs. Bookkeeper
Saves You Time and Money
(And Helps You Succeed)

The best way to determine a business’s success is its balance sheet.

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